Cooking? What’s that?

Well gosh, hi there!

It’s been a minute since I sat down to write a blog, and by a minute, I mean a full year!  And as always, I assure you, over the course of the year we HAVE eaten, I’m fairly certain, although sometimes I can’t recall what.

Now, last year was one heck of a year, so I honestly don’t even feel bad about not having blogged much in 2019.  We had good times and bad times and traveled and honestly, there just wasn’t time to cook interesting meals, much less write about it (although what’s funny is that over the past winter I did ruin two meals in a fairly epic manner, but both meals were ones I had already blogged about in the past, so I didn’t really feel like I could blog about messing up the same meal twice.  That’s just sad, even when you have a curse). Now, we traveled a whole lot in 2019, hoping and praying that 2020 would bring us a baby, so we wanted to get some trips under our belt before starting a family.  Little did we know that while 2020 WOULD bring us a baby, NO ONE would be going ANYWHERE this year, so we are very grateful for the busy year that was 2019.

That being said, I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I am on day 90something of quarantine and I haven’t had the presence of mind to crank out a single blog. Now in my defense, I never would have imagined I’d be home that long, (I mean really, did any of us?). Like you, I assumed I’d be out of work for 2, maybe 3 weeks, so I used that time to tackle some major nesting stuff around the house, and blogging just never rose to the top of my list. 3 weeks turned into 6, 6 weeks turned into 10, and I managed to keep myself busy with home improvement projects and tasks to prepare for baby. Also, it never really occurred to be to be blogging about cooking, because cooking has been delightfully simple this entire quarantine experience. I pretty much just make a meat and a simple side for dinner, and usually, baby picks everything. And you know what? It’s been really awesome. I don’t stress out nearly as much about cooking as I did before. I think this might change the way I do meals for the future. Not that I’ll get any better at cooking, but maybe as least at meal planning!

Also, I think part of the reason there hasn’t been any good blog material this quarantine is because Danny has been doing a lot of the cooking. And not surprisingly, he’s quite good at it! (I say not surprisingly because this man is good at just about everything he does. Seriously. I married him knowing he was an excellent teacher and writer; I had no idea he was also incredibly handy, skilled at home improvement tasks, and a pretty great cook and baker. I honestly think he’s kind of OP, but I guess we’ll just say I married up.) He’s been glad to help with the cooking not only because he’s not working (because I mean, neither am I) but because I have the ever present excuse of “I’m building a baby”, and he’s let me milk it for all that it’s worth. Gosh, he’s gonna be such a good dad!

But alas, y’all, I’m literally out of stuff to do.  The baby’s room is pretty much done, the parenting books have been read, and every inch of this little house has been reorganized, cleaned, decluttered, and baby proofed. So I’ve got to do something for the next 8 weeks, and if you’ll have me, I might just crank out a blog or two.  I might even tie in some stories of other domestic woes I’ve encountered this year, and who knows, maybe I’ll start making my own baby food.  That could take us on a whole new adventure!

Thanks for sticking with me.  

————————-Katie (and baby)

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